The American Association of University Professors

The AAUP has been protecting the rights of faculty and other higher education professionals for ninety-five years. Through assistance and advice to individuals, state and federal lobbying, amicus briefs, support for collective bargaining, and other means, the AAUP helps shape American higher education and ensure higher education's contribution to the common good.

The North Carolina State Conference of the AAUP

The AAUP is a network of faculty and academic professionals, organized into campus-based chapters and state conferences and backed up by national and field staff. The AAUP's strength and promise is in our members.

A state conference is formed when several chapters in a state decide to work together to advance AAUP policies and goals. Through a state conference, existing chapters are able to have more influence statewide and new chapters find the support and guidance they need closer to home. On campus, AAUP chapters advocate for faculty rights and interests at an institutional level.

You can become more involved by becoming a member of the AAUP, making a financial contribution, starting a chapter on your campus, lobbying your state or federal legislators, or attending an AAUP meeting or conference.

Academic Program Review at UNCG (2010-2012)

A Report by the
UNCG Chapter of the
American Association of University Professors

"Academic Program Review at UNCG was an eighteenth-month process that ended in May 2012 resulting in the elimination of 41 programs affecting some 486 students and the designation of some 47 programs across campus as "exceptionally strong" and therefore worthy of consideration for future investment"

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We are in the midst of an unprecedented coordinated attack on public employees. At the same time, government funding for higher education is being withdrawn, even as enrollments rise. More from AAUP